Keld to Robin Hood's Bay

May 2010


Scroll down, click on pictures to see more detail !!

Starting out from Keld
By the old lead workings, Gunnerside Gill.
Reeth, the start of Day 2.
Lunch in Marrick.
Day 3 - A beggar on the streets of Richmond !
Leaving Richmond by the bridge....
Arriving in Danby Wiske
Day 4 - A flat part of the walk, acres of oil seed rape !
Chain Man, Ingleby Cross
Day 5 - Superb walking on the Cleveland Hills !
Climbing up to the Wain Stones.
Day 6 - The lonely Lion Inn.
Day 7 - Beggar's Bridge
The N.Yorks Moors Railway at Grosmont.
Day 8 - The Hermitage, carved out of a solid boulder !
The sea is finally reached ! Still 3 miles to go !
The end ! On the beach, Robin Hood's Bay.